Out with the old and in with the new…. Actually, I’m getting off to a better start

It's official, construction is finished and as you can see I have a brand-new website thanks to Samantha from Lemon by the Sea. She deserves a medal after some of the crazy antics I pulled during the process, but I couldn’t be more thrilled at the outcome. She was a big part of helping me shape what I wanted my business to look like and how I could visually represent it. Deb, from Debra Schell Photography, pushed me out of my comfort zone and made getting my picture taken fun. There has to be a medal given for that too.

I’ve heard it said that it takes 12 people to help you achieve a dream. In some way shape or form, they are part of the process that moves you closer to it. It can’t go without mentioning that I know who my 12 people are. Thank you. To be honest, I had to group some together because, in reality, it takes an army to take care of me. I’m not high maintenance, I just require constant supervision.

With a redesign came some ideas for what I want the News section of the website to be. When I wrote a blog, what few times I actually did, I felt I had to follow some kind of order. If I strayed from it, I was violating blogging/writing rules. Not that one shouldn’t have rules or parameters to function within, but I don’t want to put that mental barrier on myself again.

So here is a working list of what I would like it to include: 

  1. Helpful information for growers. Here is where I need your help. I don’t want to put out information that you don’t want or need. I enjoy answering questions so send them my way. I’ll do my best, let you know if I’m stumped, and maybe I can learn something new from you along the way.
  2. Updates on where I’ll be and new projects I’m working on.
  3. More than just the agronomy gig. I homeschool our daughter, we have crazy animals, and I have a patient husband. You might have to hear about all of this from time to time.
  4. Featured guest writers. I’ve talk to people about this in the past, but now I mean it. If you have something you want to say, I’ll run it past my attorney and if he says yes, I’ll post it. I meet the greatest people and want to share their stories.

So, until I write again, which according to my editor needs to be more often than not –

Keep Learning Keep Planting & Keep Growing