resources and recommendations


Throughout my career, I’ve had the benefit of hearing from and working with a wide range of growers. Along the way, I have created a growing library of resources I use on a regular basis. This is not an exhausted list of resources, however provides a good place to start.



  • Garden Insects of North America by Whitney Cranshaw

  • Building Soils for Better Crops by Fred Magdoff and Harold Van Es

  • How Soils Work by Paul Syltie

  • Sustainable Market Farming by Pam Dawling

  • The Intelligent Gardener by Steve Solomon

  • Advancing Biological Farming by Gary Zimmerman

  • The Nature and Properties of Soil by Nyle C. Brady & Ray R. Weil

  • The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients by William McKibben

  • Weeds of North America by Dickinson & Royer