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The Real Story

I had no intention of ever getting into agriculture.

I grew up in and around it until I sold my cows at the age of 13.

I went to high school in Burlington, NJ where I meant my husband.

I decided to go to college and become a dog trainer.

After two years at Delaware Valley University majoring in biology, and working on my dad's farm during the summer, I started to think I needed to focus on more lucrative job options. So, I took classes in agronomy.

My advisor passed away, and no one knew what to do with me. I begged the head of the agronomy department for help, and with his guidance, I got a job doing what I now call- remedial agronomy. I worked as an agronomist for an environmental remediation company cleaning up Superfund sites.

I quit that, found out I was pregnant and spent the next 15 years raising two kids.

An acquaintance told me about an opportunity at a local organic fertilizer company.

A week later I starting working there as a sales agronomist.

I stayed for almost three years, traveling up and down the east coast working with farmers and industry leaders.  I loved my job and saw no end in sight.

One day while sitting at my kitchen table, I made the hardest decision of my career. I left my job and went back to raising our kids.

I had come to the conclusion that even though I loved my job, I wanted something different. At that time I wasn't sure what.    

Again, I thought I had left agriculture for good. Little did I know my phone was going to keep ringing being asked to work with farmers I got to know over that short amount of time.

One day one of them offered to pay me for my time and expertise. When I told a friend, how crazy I thought it all was, they said, “Why don’t you turn it into a business? Why don’t you take everything you’ve learned and experienced and turn it into something people need and can benefit from?”

And that's how The Accidental Agronomist began...

Now I speak at various conferences throughout the year and work with all types of growers across the country making soil fertility recommendations, product sourcing, and troubleshooting throughout their growing season.