Moving Forward

For the past few week, actually months, I have had to take a serious look at how I am running my business. Some days it feels like I’ve got this whole business owner, wife, mom, agronomist thing figured out and I’m setting the world on fire. The next day I’m pretty much convinced I should never leave home and I should just stay in my sweatpants forever. I’ve always had the opinion women can have it all, just some of us don’t want it all at once or frankly can’t or shouldn’t have it all at once.  I’ll admit, I’m all of that at some point in time.

 I still hesitate when it comes to social media and using it as a tool for marketing. For whatever reason, whether it be lack of interest, knowledge, or ability, I don’t get it. Why did my carrot only get 47 likes and one that looks almost the same get hundreds?! I should note that 47 likes’ is a personal best for one of my posts and I am thankful for them, I guess I just don’t get the point.  I have to say, I’m not in this for the likes or follows. I wanted to fill a void in an industry,  that in my opinion lacks clarity and sound explanations when it comes to truly helping farmers with soil fertility issues. I want to leave a farm better than I found it and a farmer with more understanding than they had before I meant them. If I have to use social media to market my business, I do so cautiously. Technology still scares me.



So, I’ve ordered more business cards and I’m venturing into the world of public speaking. I’ve spoken before just not on as large of a scale and with as many confirmed dates. I’m not talking a world tour with opening acts like industry leaders such as Joel Salatin or Jean-Martin Fortier. It’s more like a couple dates scheduled relatively close to my home so I can get back to my sweatpants.

I’ve been asked to be a guest at an upcoming event for the Penn State Extension and Buy Fresh Buy Local Greater Lehigh Valley being help on December 8th.

I’m excited about this one because I’ll get to meet other people in the industry other than fertilizer salesman, not that they aren’t a bundle of early order discount fun. However, having a chance to hear about another side of the industry helps me gain a different perspective and keeps me engaged with another aspect the farmers I work with are faced with.

I’m scheduled to speak at the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Farming Conference, February 10th, and NOFA New Jersey’s Winter Conference, January 27th or 28th. Both will be finalizing dates and times over the next few weeks.

Speaking at PASA is an honor, just as the other conference. But PASA has special meaning because I grew up literally right down the road and had never heard of it until a few short years ago. Plus, my dad pronounces it funny and it makes me laugh. No shortage of maturity in our home either.

I’ll also be going to various producer and specialty grower meetings as well. If there’s an event that you’ll be attending, let me know. Maybe I’ll change out of my sweatpants, pack some business cards, and plan on attending with you.