Can The Same Accident Happen Twice?

If you are The Accidental Agronomist...yes! I found myself in college in the mid 90's studying Biology and had to decide what career path to take. I made the choice to focus on Environmental Biology. This threw me into the world of Agronomy and I have been digging my way out since! I suddenly realized the plants I was studying and learning about lived in the soil. Seems obvious to most, but specializing in a field of study can narrow your thinking. I started taking soil science classes and put the two together. A plant can't grow if it doesn't have something to grow in. As my college career went on I found myself caught between biology and agronomy and never really fit in with either. That was until my college advisor told me about an opportunity to work in the field of  bio remediation.  I began working as an agronomist for an environmental remediation company only to resign three years into it, starting my career as a stay at home mom. Fast forward 16 years and much to my surprise I became an agronomist again. By accident of course!

I came up with the idea to write about the adventures I experience along the way. There is never a day that goes by I don't get to relearn, rediscover or reiterate some things I've know all this time. I don't want to give all my secrets away yet. You will have to keep following to hear all about of that and more.