The Soil

is your most important asset.

My Services

I assist a wide variety of growers with soil fertility recommendations to maximize their crop production. I work one on one with growers to create custom fertility recommendations that meet that crops growing requirements. I also provide growers with written recommendations and on-going support through emails, phone conversations, and site visits when possible. In addition to consulting, I provide educational support through presentations and workshops.

Soil Test Interpretation

Interpretations are made based on test results provided by the grower.

Soil Fertility Recommendations

Using soil test reports, crop history, field history, and the grower’s requirements I develop soil and plant/crop fertility recommendations either verbal or written.

While working on an urban gardening project, Monica helped guide me through all aspects of soil fertility - from which labs she prefers to send her samples to for testing, to test interpretations, and what types of amendments would be needed to grow certain crops. Soil fertility is a topic with an overload of information, but Monica made it easy to understand and implement.

And truly, thank you for your guidance and support!
— Lindsey – Alfrea

Presentations and workshops

Educational Support

Presentation and workshop topics include:

  • Soil Health for the Gardener to the Farmer
  • Soil Testing Basics
  • The Basics of Interpreting a Soil Test
  • So, You Want to Garden - Where to Get Started
  • Soil Fertility Basics
  • IPM – Integrated Pest Management


Because every grower has a unique set of needs, prices vary depending on each situation. The cost of a soil test starts at $19 + shipping, depending on the tests and lab you choose. If you have soil test results, submit them for a free 20-minute advisory consultation.